Last updated on Wednesday, April 17, 2024

This page is meant to be a snapshot of my life — my interests, goals, feelings, passions, what I am doing currently, and my future plans. Inspired by nownownow.

What am I up to?

Missing my friends and family a bit — that is how I feel lately. I am thinking of creative ideas too in the background. I just need to take some time to set my priorities straight.


I am currently actively looking for a job, and am folio ready.

Last photo I took

Photo of myself looking in the distance while holding my hood up

A photo of myself from a late afternoon stroll out in the rain today. It was very windy and cold.


Last month, I picked up Tress of the Emerald Sea, by Brandon Sanderson. I think I'm 3 chapters in and I haven't kept up since. I'll definitely get back to it sometime soon.

Listening to

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I finished rewatching the first three seasons of Arrested Development recently. Now I fall asleep to random comedy movies in the night.

The future

I've been meaning to take some courses and work on some personal ideas but I haven't been able to make time unfortunately. There is a lot going on.

✨ In terms of my blog though:

  • I plan to write more about design, creativity, and the creative practice this year. I've marked some podcasts, lectures, and books to help put me on that path.

  • While working on revamping my blog, I was thinking I might share some links, bookmarks, and interesting finds... probably introduce tags at some point to help categorise posts.

  • I think I may also add a /log page at some point to my blog to keep track of all media I've consumed. We shall see!