A day trip to Elora

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Elora for a day trip with my cousin and family (including my adorable little niece!)

Elora is a charming little town and it was the perfect backdrop for a day of exploration and relaxation. The drizzling weather during our visit reminded me of Melbourne with its chill and laidback vibe. We wandered through the quaint shops and explored the city centre, and the Bissell park trail.


Arrival and exploring the town. We set off at around 10 AM in the morning, eager to make the most of our day in Elora. The drive was filled with anticipation as we passed farmlands that had cows and horses – a glimpse of Ontario's Greenbelt on the outskirts of Guelph (perhaps).

Photo showing the Elora city hall

Exploring Bissell Park Trail. Upon arrival, we parked our car and immediately headed to Bissell Park. This park is located in the heart of Elora and is a relaxing green space. We enjoyed a leisurely walk along the trail by the Grand River, soaking in the peaceful ambiance. My little niece had a fun, happy time interacting with dogs (she LOVES dogs!), thanks to some friendly dog walkers we encountered along the way. The park's accessibility and charm made it a great spot for a family outing.

Photo of the Grand River waterfall taken from the Bissell park trail Photo of the Grand River taken from the Bissell park trail Photo of the Bissell park boardwalk Photo of the Bissell park pedestrian bridge Photo of the Grand River from the Bissell park pedestrian bridge


Shopping, art, and handicrafts. After walking through the Bissell Park Trail loop we returned to the town. Elora is known for its vibrant arts scene, so we made sure to visit a few local galleries. The diverse range of artworks, from contemporary pieces to traditional crafts, was truly inspiring. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff made this very enjoyable. We enjoyed browsing through and shopping for some souvenirs in the form of some great handmade works of art.

Photo of the Tall Man Statue in Elora

Sweet treats. To wrap up our day, we treated ourselves to some delicious ice cream from a local parlor. My little niece’s eyes lit up as she chose her favorite flavour, and we all enjoyed our sweet treats while relaxing by the river. It rained on and off during this part of the day which was funny to witness because everyone on the street kept opening and closing their umbrellas at different points. The peaceful ambiance and beautiful scenery provided the perfect end to our day in Elora.

Photo showing the Elora Town Center Photo showing the Tree of Life Mural in the city center Photo showing the Elora Mill Photo showing the Elora Mill Building


Our day trip to Elora was a wonderful escape from the rush and push of everyday life. The combination of natural beauty and artistic charm made it an unforgettable experience. I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

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